Happy Thanksgiving

It’s a great name for a public holiday, ‘Thanksgiving.’

It conquers up images of family and eating together and the idea of being grateful for everything we have in life.  Of course, the reality rarely matches the ideal but everyone strives for it.  On the 4th Thursday of November, Americans celebrate their harvest festival with turkey dinners and parades.  It is a celebration of being American and of everything American.


Macey’s parade kicked off at 9 am (NY time) and wound its way from Central Park West, the 2.5km to Macey’s Herald Square.  Over 8000 people took part, thousands lined the route and millions watched it on TV and then tucked into their turkey dinners.

Thanksgiving Day is by far, the biggest holiday in the United States and I hope that all my friends and family had an enjoyable day.

To my daughter Ellie on her fifth Thanksgiving celebration in Miami, I hope you have a wonderful day with your husband and his family.  To her in-laws and their extended families, thank you for looking after her, for taking her to your heart and making her part of your family.

To my niece, Sarah, who followed her cousin to Miami and made her home there with her husband and his family, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

To my cousins, The McMullens, in Pensacola in Northern Florida, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy this day of celebration.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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