Week 1 of the Year of Possibilities

Start each day with a positive thought

Week 1 of my Year of Possibilities has been eventful.  New year resolutions are now decided upon and written down.  One resolution is to spend more time with my father and so far, so good.  On New Year’s Day, we went on a day trip to Howth outside Dublin.  A little over an hour’s drive from us, it is picturesque, with a delightful pier full of fishing boats (and pleasure boats and yachts), beautiful cliff walks, excellent restaurants and views to inspire.  It was cold when we set out, but the skies were blue, and we hoped for the best.  The minute we parked the car we felt the force of nature.  The cobwebs were definitely blown away as we faced into the wind at Howth harbour.  I was struck by the number of people battling the elements on the first day of the New Year.  Maybe like us, they were anxious to shake off the old year and welcome in the new with renewed vigour.  There was a mixture of accents and languages, all wrapped up in heavy coats and gloves, all admiring the view from the harbour but not foolhardy enough to attempt any cliff walks.  Himself had to go back for the car as Dad and I took shelter behind a wall against the wind which threatened to whip him, and his walking aid, into the sea.  Once Dad was safely ensconced inside the car, with his beloved pipe to keep him company, himself and I took a few minutes to enjoy the view out to sea until heavy drops of rain plopped around us forcing our retreat to the relative safety of the car.  Dad suggested hot whiskies and we drove the short distance back to a bar overlooking the harbour.  Even with the rain lashing off the windows, Howth looked picturesque from our vantage point, with a hot drink in hand and a delicious bowl of chowder served up with fresh soda bread.

dad and gerry

On Day 2 of my Year of Possibilities my other half and I set off to the midlands, just the two of us.  Our Christmas present to each other, two nights in a hotel to rest and recuperate from the excesses of Christmas and New Year.  The Adult Retreat at The Hudson Bay Hotel was perfect.  The rooms are delightful, large and airy with a huge bed, great views of Lough Ree and a bathroom fit for royalty.  Our booking included an evening meal in their L’Escale restaurant and what a treat that was.  The staff were knowledgeable and friendly.  The food was beautifully presented and cooked to perfection.  A wonderful experience.

We are now back home, refreshed, renewed and ready to start our New Year in earnest.  We have both decided on a ‘dry January’, or rather part of January as we are starting a few days into the month and ending on the 27th.   Hopefully, the absence of alcohol will aid in weight loss as well as wallet gain for us.  Both badly needed after the excesses of the season.  I dread taking down the Christmas tree and lights tomorrow.  Once the twinkling Christmas lights have been packed away the magic disappears, and the dark encroaches on our spirits.  Outside it’s cold, dark and dreary and spring seems so very far away.  Usually, I hate this time of year but this year I am taking a different approach and have vowed to use these short days and long nights wisely.  I aim to rise each morning with a positive affirmation and during the short days banish all negative thoughts as soon as they occur.  In the evenings a cosy fire and a selection of lamps and candles will banish the dark shadows and a good book always has the power to entertain.  I’m looking forward to following through on more of my resolutions in week 2 of my Year of Possibilities.




The Year of Possibilities

As the old year draws to a close, we find ourselves thinking about the possibilities the new year can bring.  Will it be a good year filled with joy and happiness or will the coming year bring only pain and sorrow?  Most likely a combination but who knows?  The possibilities are endless.  We make our new year’s resolutions to quit something which is bad for us or to take up something which is good for us.  Our resolutions are usually made on the last day of the old year and are totally abandoned by the end of January.

This year I won’t be making my new year resolutions until 2018 is at least a week old.  And this year I will be writing down my resolutions and reminding myself on a regular basis so that I do have a focus, a goal to work towards and I don’t end up one year later wondering what last year’s resolutions were.   This coming year, those resolutions will be positive, life-affirming goals.   I haven’t decided on exactly what those goals will be yet, but I will not be quitting anything or starting anything new.  I have a few ideas.  Like picking a positive affirmation and keeping a copy of it on my bedside locker so that the first words my brain registers every morning is positive and uplifting.  Like setting achievable goals such as,

1) spending more time with my father just enjoying his company,

2) expanding my culinary skills to include one new recipe per month,

3) reading at least two new novels per month,

4) taking the sea air at least once per month,

5) learning a new language,

6) eating healthier,

7) drinking less,

8) establishing a writing schedule,

9) keeping a diary.

My virgin diary sits in front of me waiting for my first note.  That’s the beauty of the New Year.  The possibility that this coming year is going to be the best year ever.  The year that you find yourself.  That you find happiness and joy.  But you won’t find joy unless you open your heart to it.  It is found in the most unusual places.  In the smile of a loved one as you listen to them attentively, in the taste of good food lovingly prepared, in losing yourself in the imagination of others, in the taste and smell of sea air as it blows the cobwebs from your brain and energises your soul, in the satisfaction of a job well done.

Negativity banishes joy so my New Year list will contain tools to help banish negativity, replacing it with positive affirmations.  So that even in the months I do not achieve the goals I have set, I will not despair and just give up, I will try harder the following month.  The old scouting motto springs to mind ‘be prepared’.  It is a good resolution, to be prepared for whatever life throws at you in the year ahead, prepare yourself to roll with the punches, prepare yourself to enjoy the here and now and above all to look for the positive aspects in life.

Happy New Year.